Active First Aid Training, Gibraltar

First Aid at Work in Gibraltar - Legal Requirements

Understanding first aid is essential. Whether you are a business, an organisation or an activity based centre having qualified first aiders at work is both a legal requirement and forms part of your duty of care obligation. Nominated first aiders or responsible persons for first aid should be fully knowledgeable on first aid. First aid at work represents a safety measures that protects employees, prevents accidents or injuries and offers immediate first aid and life-saving care should this become necessary.

Qualified First Aid Instructors - First Aid Courses to suit

Our training team is made up of qualified first aid training instructors who deliver all training as approved by the HSE. As an approved First Aid Training Centre we provide first aid courses in Gibraltar that ensure the very latest information and first aid protocols. All participants received certification demonstrating required competencies have been achieved.

The first aid training we provide in Gibraltar includes First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Activity First Aid and Requalification / Refresher First Aid at Work training. We also do Basic Life Support training workshops.

Approved Qualified First Aid Training in Gibraltar

Our experience, approvals and cost effective pricing makes Active First Aid training a reliable and compliant provider of first aid courses. Whether you are looking for a three day First Aid At Work Course, or requalification First Aid at Work training, or a one day Emergency First Aid at Work course contact us for further information. There are often different requirements in work first aid courses and as such you need to find first aid training providers that are experienced in the field of first aid at work to help you understand what you require. Contact us for a no obligation discussion.